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hRHGNGMG I NEED TO PLAY THAT!!!!! >: ((( gotta stop being scared of trying it

PLEASE DO if you start playing I will totally play with you and help you learn and it’s honestly not that intimidating a game at all it’s v easy to pick up

an Icelandic dude applied to my clan in sky pirates

im gonna practice my icelandic on him




This is one of the best children books I know of, but you can only find it in France. It’s about a princess who didn’t like males, and the her father hired a fairy for help and the two girls fell in love instead. Lesbian children books, it’s a real thing.

Omg someone buy me this

does it come in english?? SO CUTE

what about people who are poor like me who "farm" (on 3/4 acre) to help with food during the summer. is that libertarianism?

why would that be libertarianism

capitalism wastes massive amounts of food and other goods and it is laughable to think that communism would somehow result in shortages where capitalism does not

everybody running their own tiny farm while neighbors starve is libertarianism, not communism


hey y’all i grow plants and let me tell you: those suckers produce a shitton of produce. i couldn’t eat all the fucking tomatoes i make from my tiny ass garden so i give them to people at the hindu temple for free because i like growing things, i like to eat them but there’s too much for me and no restaurants around here will buy shit from a random ass hispanic person.

i suspect in the communist future you will not need your own garden plot to survive unless science has finally mutated a tomato plant enough that it can only produce a single tomato throughout the growing season

my family runs a tiny, five-acre vegetable farm and traditionally it has yielded enough produce to keep all ten or so of us overabundantly supplied with vegetables as well as almost a livable profit from selling them dirt cheap and bartering with neighbors off the full-time labor of only two people so you know


This is an online project that collects digitized “cultural heritage items” from all over Europe and they have “exhibitions” so it’s basically a digital museum… some of them look pretty cool… this kind of thing excites me so I just thought you all should know

this child is going to destroy us all

frag/pvp videos where the op cuts out every time they die are weak & without value


the USSR had problems. a lot of them. i am not going to defend it or stalin.

but please for the love of fuck consider that where my great-great grandmother had 10+ kids a lot of whom died in infancy, her son had two children, both of whom had one child and one grandchild each and from my great-grandparents up to me, born as communism collapsed, everyone in my family had higher education when prior to that most of my family were illiterate peasants. please consider that. 

like, the USSR was so fucking good for so many people in some ways and you cannot ignore that. please do not ignore the very real material differences the USSR made to the russian empire’s proletariat. 

Some nationalities were deemed to be unworthy of membership in the new Soviet family. As early as 1923, the new regime had built high-security, fourteen-mile deep “frontier zones” along the new Soviet borders. But certain national groups living near the borders were still suspected of harboring sympathies for foreign powers. This was the official justification for a program of mass deportations of almost all ethnic groups with a Turkic connection, among them Crimean Tatars; North Caucasian Karachais, Balkars, and Kalmyks from the Caspian Sea; and Georgia’s Meskhetian Turks. In the Caucasus, they also deported Kurds, Armenian Hemshins, Chechens, Ingush, and Pontic Greeks. The execution of this policy virtually amounted to genocide. Soviet secret police troops closed off an entire region, rounded up hundreds of thousands of people—women and children as well as men, Red Army soldiers included—evicted them from their homes, crammed them into disease-ridden cattle-trucks, and sent them into permanent exile in Kazakhstan or Siberia. Their homelands were abolished, their cemeteries dug up, and their culture erased from the official record. As many as a quarter of the deportees died en route or never returned.

The Caucasus: An Introduction, Thomas de Waal.  (via thisiscaucasian)

and right on cue, a post about actual reasons, that are not “but communism” as to why the USSR was a shitheap. 

(via unresurrection)

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